Isabelle Coppinger is originally from the woods of Western Massachusetts. She now calls A sheville, North Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana home. Growing up in the country, Isabelle was inspired by the natural world around her which has greatly influenced her creative work. 

Isabelle creates her installations using a low-fire white earthenware clay or a mid-range porcelain clay, and her favorite tool, an x-acto knife. Cutting out shapes from thinly rolled slabs of clay, she designs intricate patterns. While some of her installations are planned for the gallery, Isabelle develops custom pieces for unique spaces as well. 


Isabelle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Ceramics and Sculpture from Warren Wilson College in 2017. She has been a resident artist for the last three years at Odyssey Clayworks in the River Arts District and now works at South Side Studios in Asheville where she continues to develop her work.